Happiness is a point of view Mobile

Happiness is a point of view.

Happiness is a sense of well-being and pleasant emotions. Our first contest with features happiness as its central them will be lunch in May first,2019.

Development of the theme is left to your own personal vision, creativity and sensitivity. Professional photographers and ordinary people are asked to reflect upon the theme, avoiding a purely literal interpretation, and developing the multifaceted sides of the concept. Happiness is a choice. It can be a fully articulated story, or it can be something internal, sometimes subtle and not always self-evident. It depends entirely on the experience of each individual.

Happiness is suspension, surprise, a story that resonates inside you, often for no reason whatsoever. Happiness is action, it is stillness, it can be just a look, or maybe an entire lifetime. We want to see true happiness in your stories.

Our aim is demonstrating various meaning of deep satisfaction and happiness from different point of views.

Participants are invited to submit works that develop the general theme of the contest in an original manner.

The winner of Happiness Namvar Prize will receive a prize of …………… plus exhibition space in the subsequent edition of ……………………………. The winning project will be awarded and projected on the evening dedicated to projections during the inauguration period …………..